Apparel industry in Yucatan aims to double sales by 2023

Jorge Moreno, president of the National Chamber of the Apparel Industry Yucatan delegation (cámara Nacional de la Industria del vestido delegación Yucatán), said that their sales expectations for 2023 are no less than 100% increase, that is, they expect to redouble their efforts and double their sales.

We have to double “sales, we do not expect less than a 100 percent increase,” he said.

He pointed out that they are also in the job recovery strategy, since during the pandemic there was a significant drop in vacancies in this sector.

“We have not reached the 2019 break-even point which was approximately 17 thousand jobs, as of today we have 15 thousand jobs, so we are about to reach the goal “

He noted that the strategy for the recovery of jobs is to approach the interior of the state, go to municipalities and look for people who want an opportunity and receive the necessary training.

“We will go more to the interior of the state since here in Merida the work environment is already more competitive and it remains to attack the interior of the state with more and better jobs.”

TYT Newsroom