Yucatan Flights: Merida Airport registered 45 operations on Sunday, December 11

Three out of 45 flights scheduled to arrive and depart today at Merida Airport “Manuel Crescencio Rejon” began operating slightly ahead of schedule.

The first early flight is VivaAerobus flight 4280 from Monterrey which landed at 7:52 am, when its usual time is 8:00 am, also Aeromexico flight 820 from Mexico City arrived at 7:45 am when it was scheduled to arrive at 8:02 am.

Also VivaAerobus 1100 from Mexico City arrived at 8:06 a.m., four minutes earlier than its usual time.
So far there have been no cancellations or delays by any airline.

The first flights to take off were 823 Aeromexico flights to Mexico City, 583 Volaris flights to the same destination, followed by 1427 United flights to Houston at 8:00 am, and 4281 to Monterrey at 8:15 am.

As usual, the largest number of flights are to Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara, and on a smaller scale to Veracruz, Houston, Miami and Havana.

TYT Newsroom