What to do if your dog suffers a nervous breakdown due to pyrotechnics?

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Dozens of pets, mainly dogs and cats, suffer from nervous breakdowns due to the explosion of fireworks during the holiday season; a situation that Ydaliz Bautista, activist and representative of Huellas de Ayuda Oaxaca, regretted.

(SIPSE).- In addition, the activist said that during December the situation is complicated for the care and support of pets, but also for children who have a condition such as autism or neuropathy.

Recommendations to take care of your pet during fireworks

Ydaliz’s recommendation is to protect pets during the presence of fireworks explosions, mainly because they get nervous and can escape.

Although only eleven days of December have elapsed, Huellas de Ayuda regrets that there are several posters looking for pets, mainly dogs, who have left their homes, frightened.

Her recommendations are to help them with soothing music inside their homes, try to confront them, and even give them Bach flowers to help them relax.

The animalist explains that explosions are magnified five times when it comes to dogs and cats, therefore, the reactions caused by pyrotechnics are logical.

Those who suffer the most, she emphasizes, are the ones that remain tied up in the yard or on the roof. Likewise, he recommends not to attend the calendas with dogs.

“He wouldn’t think twice about helping us, so let’s be more empathetic and lock them up to go out for the festivities,” she says.

Every year, he adds, during the pilgrimages, dozens of puppies follow the crowds and are eventually abandoned, far away from their homes. In view of this, she urged to keep them at home and under care.

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