Weapon seized on Merida college campus

A heavy security operation was set up at the Colegio de Estudios Universitarios del Mayab (CEUM), after a shooting threat was reported in the vicinity of the institution, however, it was all a bad joke.

Elements of the SSP went to the CEUM, located on Calle 59 near Itzaes Avenue, to secure the alleged firearm, which was actually a replica of a BB gun that J.J.M.Z., 26 years old, a law student at the CEUM, had in his possession.

After it became known that the young man was armed, panic spread in the school located next to Centennial Park, and some parents arrived to take their children home.

According to the report, the law student arrived at the school, parked his car, and other students saw that he had a weapon that he was handling inside the vehicle, so they alerted his teachers and the authorities.

Agents of the SSP arrived in a swift operation, managing to locate the young man and the weapon, which turned out to be a BB gun, a replica of a real weapon, but which frightened the student community, who remained locked inside the facilities for security reasons.

So far this year, there have been five firearm threats in educational institutions in Mérida.

First at the Cedart, then at a school in Ciudad Caucel, then at the Leandro Valle High School, the day before yesterday at the CTM High School and now at the CEUM.

TYT Newsroom