VivaAerobus leaves more than 120 passengers stranded at Merida airport

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Due to bad weather, VivaAerobus cancelled the departure of flight 4287, bound for Monterrey, which was scheduled to depart on Friday at 22:35 hours, and only gave a voucher of 200 pesos to the more than 120 passengers who said it was only enough for a coffee and a sweet bread.

Alejandro Cardona, one of the passengers who have been stranded at Merida’s international airport since 9:00 p.m. on Friday and some since an hour earlier, said that the flight was cancelled due to the fog in the Sultana del Norte.

He explained that it was until 12:00 PM, when they were already waiting for the aircraft to take off, when they were told that they had to return to the counter to receive instructions because the flight was cancelled, but they were not informed of the reason.

Once at the counter, the flight dispatchers, who did not want to give their names, told them that due to the fog at the Monterrey airport, the flight could not depart and asked them to remain in the terminal, because at any moment they could authorize the aircraft to take off and those who were not present would lose their tickets.

It was until 04:00 when they were told that the flight would depart until 14:00 hours today, Saturday, therefore, those who wish to return home or go downtown for breakfast, should return at 12:00 hours, to verify their ticket, especially those who cannot do it via internet, while those who manage to check in or check in are recommended to go to the last waiting room at 13:00 hours.

The affected passengers, including children, young people, adults and senior citizens, are sleeping on the floor waiting to be notified because, according to the flight dispatchers, they can authorize the departure at any time and those who are not there will miss their flight and lose their ticket.

Among the passengers affected there are children, young people, adults and even senior citizens who had to sleep on the floor, others in wheelchairs or in the few seats available in the main hall, said a group of young people going to the Bad Bunny concert who fear losing the event and the more than one thousand pesos they paid to attend the show, and their hotel reservations.

After 05:00 hours, VivaAerobus personnel informed that due to bad weather, flight 9245 on the Toluca/Merida route, which usually arrives at 08:25 and returns at 09:10 hours, was cancelled. One of the passengers affected said that he came from the city of Campeche because he urgently needed to get to a work appointment in Toluca and when he contacted the airline’s Customer Service Center, he was informed that there was only space for the Monday, December 5 flight and that there is no refund and if he does not accept to travel on that date he would lose his ticket, which he considered an outrage on the part of the company, forcing him to buy another ticket in another company to be able to travel to the capital of the country.

For its part, the airline TAG informed that it cancelled its flight to Flores, Guatemala with the number 223 that was scheduled to depart at 06:50 hours.

The strange thing was that VivaAerobus early bird flight 1110/1111 on the Mexico/Merida route arrived at 02:45 hours and returned to its point of departure at 03:35 hours, as well as Aeromexico’s early morning flights 821 at 05:00 hours, 875 at 05:41 hours, 875 at 05:41 hours, 875 at 08:00 hours, and 875 at 08:00 hours: 41 hours, flight 875 at 06:33 hours which operates at Santa Lucia airport, without setbacks and Viva Aerobus flight 4280 is expected to arrive at 08:00 hours from Monterrey and Volaris flight 572 at 07:36 hours from the morning.

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