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Va y ven’, Merida Airport route with 24-hour service: price and stops

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Merida’s international airport is putting itself on a par with the world’s major airports by providing bus transportation service for passengers arriving to the city by air, with the launch of the Va y Ven route, which will now operate 24 hours a day.

This is the opinion of Héctor Navarrete Muñoz, director of Regional Airports of Grupo Asur, when speaking of this service that will be implemented 24 hours a day, considering that the terminal area has flights arriving at 2 or 3 in the morning, and others that are delayed, so passengers will now have the option of taking a cab or using the Va y ven service that goes directly to the tourist area.

As will be recalled since last August the tests of this service began, in September the relevant study was made on the feasibility of use; in October it began to operate in the form of 4:50 to 22 hours, and now the service has been extended to be 24 hours.

He states that it is a very comfortable, elegant truck and it is one more service provided by the airport in coordination with the State Government, with which they have been working to provide a very good service to passengers, especially this year when passengers have increased significantly.

What is the price of the Merida Airport route?

The price of the Merida Airport route will be $45 which the bus charges is very affordable, but above all the safety issue stands out:

What are the stops on the Merida Airport route?

As you may recall, the route to and from the Merida airport makes stops at the ADO terminal on Calle 68 in Centro, the Santa Lucia park, Paseo 60, the Fiesta Americana hotel, the International Congress Center and the ADO terminal on Calle 69.

Héctor Navarrete, indicates that the airports in Europe have the service even with railroads to facilitate the movement of passengers.

Va y ven’, Merida Airport route, at the height of the best in the world.

He recalls the case of Copenhagen, Denmark, which has a railroad that can be taken to different points and hotels in the city; in the Asian territory, Malaysia, for example, whose airport is almost two hours away from the city, they have buses of the Va y Ven category to transport passengers, so he affirms that Merida puts itself with this service at the level of the world’s major airports.

What will the Merida Airport route buses be like?

He details that the buses of the route are conditioned so that passengers can board with their luggage without problems, and also for the use of people with disabilities. He emphasizes that the service is designed with passengers’ needs in mind.

Regarding the historical record of passengers received by air in the city, he said that November was extraordinary, and a record number is about to be reached for the month of December.

Merida Airport’s ‘Va y Ven’ route expects great demand for the end of the year.

He explains that since September the flow of passengers increased and was growing month by month, so October was better, and November surpassed the maximum number of passengers at Merida Airport which was 2019.

The increase in the number of passengers with respect to 2019 is 9%. He states that in the month of December there will be more flights, and therefore it is almost certain that an even higher record figure than the current one will be reached.

Regarding the flights that were implemented in the last few months, he points out that the new destinations have a maturation period, but Merida is a tourist destination, safe, and people are coming from all over, so they are doing well. He points out that the year will also close with a record number of destinations.

Just last Tuesday flights to Canada started, and he reveals that they will continue to grow in number of destinations, so before the end of the year they will announce how many destinations they had and how many passengers.

Remember that the destinations with the highest demand continue to be Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Miami and Houston.

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