Ukrainians sing Christmas carols amid air raids (Watch Video)

Kyiv residents sing Christmas carols in metro amid air raid alarm

Oksana Sobko, 47, coordinator of the Kyiv Kolyada community, said this year they decided to meet in the underground to save carolers in case of an air raid.

“Maybe our enemies would like us to sit down and cry over those killed, over what is happening now. But we will carol,” Sobko was holding back tears while talking to people gathered at the metro station.

“It’s just incredible, it’s really impossible to describe in words,” one of the spectators told Reuters.

In the past, Ukrainian Christians mostly celebrated Christmas in early January. This year the holiday is celebrated by many on December 25, as Ukraine’s main Orthodox Church has broken with Moscow and turned its face towards the West.

Air raid sirens wailed in Kyiv and across all Ukrainian regions on Sunday, December 25th.

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