Three missing teenagers were found safe and sound in Yucatan

The Yucatán Attorney General’s Office today deactivated the Amber alert for the disappearance of two teenagers in western Mérida. In addition, he reported the discovery of another minor in the east of the Yucatecan capital.

The unit reported that 14-year-old Lorena RCD was located, and the FGE announced that Elizabeth AS, 17, was also found

As we reported, both teenagers were seen together in the Nueva Mulsay neighborhood on Dec. 30. In the case of Elizabeth, the minor was located in Mérida by municipal police officers and placed under the custody of the ministerial authority for the corresponding proceedings.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office, in collaboration with the State Investigation Police (PEI), reported the location of 15-year-old MHRT, who was reported missing, after being reported absent from her home in the Amalia Solorzano neighborhood.

The Specialized Unit for the Search and Location of Persons issued the declaration of the young woman, who was made available to her relatives after corroborating her good state of health.
What is an Amber Alert?

An Amber Alert is an alert, as its name indicates, that contains the available information on the missing child or adolescent who is at imminent risk.

It is issued urgently through the Program’s infrastructure and national network of contacts, to reach the general population, thereby increasing the chances of success in locating them.

The Amber Alert works through massive and immediate dissemination with the activation card that includes the photograph of the girl, boy, or adolescent, in all available media in the country.

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