This is how Yucatecan businessman Kuri Llamas was executed in Mérida’s Díaz Ordaz neighborhood

Yucatecan businessman Roberto Kuri Llamas was murdered on Monday, December 5th, on the corner of 8th and 17th streets in the Díaz Ordaz neighborhood in Mérida, Yuc. Authorities were able to arrest one of the suspects and seized a firearm. It appears that the hitman was from Quintana Roo and that the murder was a settling of scores.

Local media revealed that two vehicles, an Ibiza and a gray Avanza van, with Quintana Roo license plates, arrived at the Outlet Hotelero business, dedicated to the sale of hotel items, garden furniture, and decorative material. Businessman Roberto Kuri was getting out of his Honda pickup truck when the gunmen shot him and left him dead inside his vehicle.

One of the gunmen approached the victim and shot him several times with a firearm and then fled. According to witnesses, several gunshots were heard which alerted them and they saw the vehicles leaving; the businessman’s truck was half outside the garage.

Other employees, such as those of a gas station, said they did not hear the shots, but were surprised that the police cordoned off the area armed with high caliber weapons and bulletproof vests.

They also observed how the uniformed officers took a person out of the business and took him on board a patrol car. While investigations were being carried out, the agents cordoned off the area.

In a brief bulletin, the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) stated that the agents, in coordination with the State Investigation Police (PEI), detained a subject for the homicide, who had blood on his clothes.

The detainee was handed over to the ministerial authorities, although unofficial versions indicate that there was another person involved, who was also detained when he was driving on the Periferico in another vehicle with license plates from the neighboring state.

Inside the premises they found a parked car and the lifeless body of a man. Later, with the characteristics provided by witnesses, and with the support of C5i surveillance cameras, the Avanza USB-810-G van was found abandoned at the gates of the Cristo Resucitado church, in the Montecristo subdivision.

It was learned that the now deceased was exhibited for fraud in 2016, with a tarpaulin in the city. He was also facing charges for the same offense, as he allegedly charged for the merchandise he sold and did not deliver it.

In the social networks the Outlet Hotelero business has locations in Díaz Ordaz, Altabrisa and fraccionamiento Francisco de Montejo.

Second attack

This is the second firearm attack in a week in Merida. Just on November 29, the driver of a pickup truck shot another driver after a dispute on Merida’s Periferico. Although this is the third case of execution in Mérida in recent years, on February 23, 2021, in the Las Américas subdivision, 43-year-old Jesús Damasco Contreras from Tabasco, nicknamed El Chuy, who had been living in the area for a month and a half, was executed.

On January 31 of the same year, Carlos Alberto R.S. was executed in his home located in the Dzoyolá subdivision in the municipality of Kanasín, while he was sleeping, allegedly because he had links to drug trafficking.

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