These are the best cities to live in overseas around the world, according to expats (CDMX is # 3)

  • InterNations polled close to 12,000 expats on what it’s like living and working abroad.
  • Valencia on Spain’s east coast topped the list, while Johannesburg came in last place.
  • Here are the best and worst cities to move to as an expat.

(INTERNATIONS).- Thousands of expats shared their thoughts on what it’s like living and working abroad

Paris view of Eiffel Tower
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Valencia on Spain’s east coast is the best place for expats to live and work, according to a new survey.

InterNations polled close to 12,000 respondents on what it’s like living and working abroad for its Expat City Ranking 2022.

The respondents were asked questions about how they’d settled in, what the jobs prospects were like, and how they’d found the quality of life in their new city.

Here are the top cities for living and working in as an expat.

1. Valencia, Spain

View of the city from Miguelete, Bell Tower of Santa Maria de Valencia. Cathedral. Valencia
Gonzalo Azumendi/Getty Images

Valencia was listed as the best city for expats to live and work in. It came top of InterNations’ 2022 Quality of Life survey, with expats praising its safety, affordable public transport, and recreational sport opportunities. They also said it had a low cost of living and affordable healthcare that was easy to access.

However, it placed last out of 50 for career prospects, with 50% of expats rating the local job market negatively, compared to 27% globally.

2. Dubai, UAE

Dubai skyline.
Dubai cityscape.Getty Images

Expats said in the InterNations survey that it’s easy to get a visa to live and work in Dubai, find accommodation, and deal with local authorities.

Expats also said that that the city is good to work in and that they feel welcome there. Its culture, nightlife, and dining options were rated highly, too.

3. Mexico City, Mexico

The Mexican flag flies over the Zocalo, the main square in Mexico City.
John Coletti/Getty Images

Expats said in the survey that they felt welcome and at home in Mexico City, and 87% described the local residents as generally friendly.

It also came in top of InterNations’ Personal Finance Index, with expats saying that their household income enabled them to lead a comfortable life there, partly because of the city’s low living costs. They also said housing is easy to both find and afford.


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