The use of mandatory face masks returns for some Northern Mexico states

The infection rate in the northern zone increased in just one week. Photo: (Sipse)

This measure returned in some entities due to the increase in positive cases of COVID-19, thus seeking to avoid contagion

The winter season was seen in Mexico and an increase in the number of cases of respiratory diseases and with them the increase in cases of Covid-19 became present, for this reason some states decided to resume the use of face masks (mandatory).

The mandatory use of a face mask is a measure taken to stop the increase in infections, since as reported by the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell , cases began to increase six weeks ago.

Despite the fact that an increase in Covid cases was already planned in the winter season due to the presence of low temperatures, Hugo López-Gatell gave recommendations in order to avoid further infections, one of them was the use of face masks , which is a measure taken by several states of the republic.


The State of Tamaulipas reported that the use of face masks would be mandatory due to the increase in Covid cases and respiratory diseases in the region.

The face mask must be worn in hospitals, nurseries, educational institutions, closed spaces with the presence of conglomerations, among others.

In the same way, hand washing measures (frequent), use of antibacterial gel and isolation will return when the patient is suspected of suffering from Covid.

The measures will come into force as of December 16, in the same way campaigns will be carried out to maintain prevention for the remainder of the year.


The Durango State Congress indicated on November 24, the approval of a law, which stipulates that the use of face masks will be mandatory in both closed and open spaces, is an action taken due to the increase in Covid cases in area.

“This is not the time to relax, it is important to maintain hygiene measures, with full responsibility, this is not the time to let our guard down,” said Sandra Amaya Rosales, president of the Government and Political Coordination Board.

The head of the Secretary of Education of the State of Durango , Guillermo Adame Calderón, pointed out that educational institutions will require everyone to use a face mask on a mandatory basis, which until recently was optional.

Nuevo León:

The Nuevo León health secretary, Alma Rosa Marroquín, reported that the use of face masks will be mandatory in closed spaces and with conglomerations due to the increase in Covid infections and respiratory diseases.

He also mentioned that the spaces where the use of face masks will be mandatory are: nurseries or children’s stays, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, public transport, retirement homes, and offices.

Although some states implemented the use of face masks as a mandatory measure, Hugo López-Gatell only recommended the use of the mask in a general way, to avoid an increase in infections, in the same way, he indicated staying at home, washing your hands frequently, gets vaccinated and keep surfaces clean where we meet.

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