The largest nativity scene in southeastern Mexico is in Yucatan: it has more than 600 figures

The largest nativity scene in southeastern Mexico is located in the Brunet Celarain home for the elderly in Mérida, Yucatán, where for more than 55 years the spirit of solidarity and love has been promoted.

More than 600 figures, 1,800 LED lights and sound effects make up this representation of Christmas. Sister Isabel Rivera is in charge of the home and the nativity scene.

“This nativity is the largest in the southeast, has 610 images or figures and has about 100 unicel structures, all handmade with cutter, also measures about 20 square meters”.

In it you can see the annunciation, the birth, the visit of the Magi and even the escape from the slaughter of the innocent saints.

Visitors like Daniela and Josefina enjoyed the visit.

“It is very nice, because someone puts their nativity scene in a house with only the animals and the Magi, so here I am very struck by the fact that it is the whole nativity scene, the whole life of Jesus, it is a unique nativity scene”.

The monumental nativity can be visited at the aforementioned asylum in Mérida from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

TYT Newsroom