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The best personal care services 24/7

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Personal care services in Brooklyn, NY

Due to the advances in pharmaceuticals and medicine, human life expectancy is constantly increasing. This fact causes a definite need to guarantee elderly relatives stable caring. Now, the family structure has changed and several generations don’t live together, caring for the elderly and the sick. What to do if you have a relative in care who can no longer fully serve himself? How to care for the elderly properly? These are some of the questions we are going to answer today. So, if you search for high-quality personal care services in brooklyn, ny, or somewhere else, keep on reading!

How to care for people of age properly?

Unfortunately, with age people do not always become healthier. It often happens that they get diseases. It happens that the character of a person with age changes not for the better, as they have to struggle with the disease. More than this, many old people feel lonely. It is hard for them to find their place in the world again. They suffer from remoteness, unclaimed, and sometimes helplessness.

For this reason, the care of older persons is a hard responsibility that demands empathy, kindness, medical education, and even more. And, of course, this process requires time. Luckily, special home care companies, like Galaxy Home Care NY, offer elderly people the best care.

So, how do you organize care for the elderly?

#1. On your own

There is a great number of people who think that no one can give better care to old relatives than they can. Others are motivated by financial considerations. If you feel that your dear will be best at home, please pay attention to several very necessary points. First, if you choose to act as a caregiver.

First of all, you should be able to:

  • measure the pressure;
  • do the right message;
  • make an injection, if it is necessary;
  • know how to care for recumbent patients right, how to feed them;
  • notice the first signs of pneumonia and bedsores (constant satellites of long-standing immobility);
  • change absorbents and diapers correctly.

What is more, you will have to be tolerant and keep calm in every situation. Caring for the elderly is an indefinite mission. When you take care of a baby, you realize that in some weeks, months, or years, it will become more independent. So, all the troubles are not forever. This is not the same with the elderly. In due course, things may become even more difficult for the right understanding. And, no one can tell you how long you’ll have to be a nurse, a year, two, or 15 years. Caring for a helpless person often becomes an overwhelming challenge for the whole family. It’s hard work, and it’s exhausting, it’s taking away your time and it’s bad for relationships.

And thirdly, your home must meet the requirements of an elderly person. Uncountable extra things may be needed, like professional equipment, and more. Furthermore, there is a high probability that you may have to leave your career. Not many people are ready for this.

#2. Medical center

Various hospitals provide a variety of caring services. Palliative care units may be included, as well. As a rule, they are intended for elderly people in very serious conditions. For example, in the last stages of oncological diseases, for patients with severe pain, etc such centers may be very helpful. If the medicine does not help, hospices can be used. Their task is to alleviate the suffering of terminally ill patients as much as possible.

#3. Boarding house

Boarding houses are special places for people of old age where they can feel at home. Lots of them are for both fully independent patients and people with reduced mobility and recuperation. These homes provide both 24/7 care and rehabilitation programs and may be temporary or permanent. All these institutions can be also divided into public and private. Admission to the municipal nursing home is free, but there are several steps to get there.

Firstly, it requires a lot of bureaucratic tests:

  • collect certificates from the clinic;
  • social security and pension fund;
  • pass many tests, as well as an extract from the house book.

Private homes for the elderly, providing care for the elderly, in many ways resemble good country hotels. Usually, they are based in nice clean areas. Their territory is seriously protected and clients are accommodated in 1-4 bedrooms. Beyond medical supervision, 24/7 care, and innovative health programs, there are also exceptional animation entertainments, games, workshops, concerts, play programs, sports activities, and more. And that’s not a small thing. Older people in such homes not only exist but live a real life, make friends, have a rest, develop new hobbies, and more. All these affect people in old age the best. Accommodation in private boarding houses is paid for.

#3. Find a good nurse

To be a nurse is not only an occupation but also a calling. The Galaxy Home Care team knows this for sure. This company provides the best personal care services in Brooklyn, NY, and not only there.

As for nursing itself, not everyone can become a caregiver. It is preferable to have a relative nursing education, real experience, and far more. Kindness, calmness, empathy, optimism, and integrity are the core qualities of every good care services specialist.

It may not be easy to find such a nurse. Plus, it is a little bit risky. After all, you let a stranger in and make them responsible for the health and good mood of your dear old person. So, you better rely on an experienced and well-known care services company.

The presence of a personal assistant enables older persons not only to maintain their dignity and independence but also to lead a healthy and exciting life.

Personal nurse care includes such services as:

  • house cleaning
  • personal hygiene
  • assistance in everyday life
  • cooking;
  • running errands
  • shopping help
  • laundry and correspondence help
  • reminders of medication
  • accompaniment to the doctor’s visit
  • security and more.


When choosing the option of care for the elderly, be sure to specify what is included in the initially announced price. For example, nursing services often do not include the price of medical manipulation. And the cost of staying in a boarding house, medicines, and consumables can be very different.

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1 comment

mylifechoice December 20, 2023 - 8:11 am

Much like a hospice social worker advocates for the dignity and quality of life for their clients, the best personal care services champion these principles. They ensure that individuals receive care that not only addresses their immediate needs but also upholds their dignity, preferences, and aspirations.


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