Student threatens shooting at Prepa 8 in Merida

The threat of an alleged shooting at the State High School No. 8 “Carlos Castillo Peraza” (Prepa 8) in Merida has gone viral on social networks, and parents have asked the school authorities to take action and investigate the incident.

The threat was made by a student through a message on the Classroom online platform, used to upload homework, but later another classmate said that it was all a bad joke and that the message had been left by someone who had hacked the platform.

However, another message also circulated saying that it was all a “bad joke”. Investigations are already underway, so many parents have decided not to send their children to school because of the threat until the situation is clarified.

In the morning only the presence of the teaching staff was reported and it is not known if the student who made the threat will receive any sanction.

TYT Newsroom