Stranded fishermen from Progreso found in Tamaulipas

After more than a month of shipwreck, a vessel from Progreso and its crew members were found in the coast of Tamaulipas. Media of the northern entity announced the appearance of the vessel named “Máximo Emanuel” with registration number 31010173523-5.

It was captained by Francisco Herrera Valerio alias “El Pacorro” and was accompanied by the owner of the vessel Manuel Jiménez Frías “El Kalimán”, as well as four other crew members.

Máximo Emanuel” set sail on October 23rd from the Yucalpetén harbor and, according to the itinerary, it should have returned to the mainland on November 6th or 7th, but this did not happen.

No more was heard from the crew members, so relatives alerted about the shipwreck until it was finally found off the coast of Tamaulipas.

TYT Newsroom