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Spaniard who travels the world by bicycle with his dogs makes a stop in Yucatán

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Four years ago, Miquel Sorell had a “normal life”, with an office job, but one day his desire to see the world pushed him to leave his job, take his backpack, travel to Africa, and embark on the adventure of traveling from one end of the African continent to the other.

The trip to Africa lasted seven months. In South Africa he decided to change his mode of adventure, now it would be by bicycle, so he returned to Spain, bought a bicycle, and started a new journey, now from Barcelona. His goal, Kurdistan, Iraq.

He says that during his journey through this region of the world he lived unique experiences and found that the world is not as dangerous as we are told.

“In Iraq the inhabitants were very hospitable, they all wanted to invite me to their home. They always offered me to eat with them,” he recalls.

In 2019 the coronavirus pandemic put the brakes on his trip, so he returned to Spain, to later adapt a van and tour the country. But on this occasion, he was joined by Luca, a dog he adopted.

Once the borders were open and with this new normality, Miquel decided to make a long new trip by bicycle, which is Luca’s first big trip.

Two months ago, Miquel and his doggy friend arrived in the city of Cancun, Mexico, to begin their journey to Argentina.

He assures that Luca has adapted well to the bicycle. The little dog travels in a crate, while Miguel oversees pedaling, which generates curiosity and empathy from people.

A unique experience

Miquel assures that traveling with his doggy friend has turned out to be a unique experience, as they both protect and accompany each other.

“When you travel with a dog you are no longer alone, even if it’s not a human to talk to, it keeps you company and protects you. I don’t know, you feel like you have another life next to you, you feel more protected, especially on a practical level. Camping changes when you have a puppy, because now there are four eyes and not two. If he feels something he doesn’t like, he will let me know,” she says.

During their journey through Muna, Miquel and Luca came across a little dog in a street situation, who used to visit them in their camp, until one day she didn’t leave, so the cyclotraveler added her to his trip and thus created his own tribe. “It’s like she adopted us,” says the cyclotraveler.

The dog was baptized with the name Maya because she was adopted in the Mayan jungle. Now Miquel is working on the process of adapting Maya to the bicycle.

” I would consider giving her up for adoption if I saw that she was not doing well on the bike. I wouldn’t force her, but Luca is a 4 X 4, he adapts wherever he goes”, he says.

Miquel, Luca, and Maya have already covered a large part of the Peninsula, including the city of Mérida.

How does a nomadic traveler support himself?

To finance his trip, Miquel adapted to new technologies, working remotely. He also has a blog, a YouTube channel, and his accounts on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/sernomada.es) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/sernomada.es/), social networks with which he publicizes his travels and seeks to inspire more people to achieve their dreams and happiness.

“Life is wonderful, you can be happy leading a simple life, the key to that is to follow your dreams, follow what you feel like and be consistent with yourself. As I say, what I felt is what I did… I needed to get out of there, and that’s what I did, but there will be those who need something else and that’s what you must do, follow your intuition, follow the path you think is the right one,” she says.

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