Home Headlines So far this year, five men have been diagnosed with breast cancer in Yucatan

So far this year, five men have been diagnosed with breast cancer in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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So far this year, five men have been diagnosed with breast cancer in Yucatan, the highest number in a decade, placing it among the 17 entities with the highest incidence among men, according to the Federal Health Ministry.

Even at a regional level, the incidence is notable, since so far there are already seven cases, of which 71.43 percent are from Yucatan, 14.28 percent from Campeche, and a similar figure for Quintana Roo.

As of today, 364 cases of “Malignant breast tumor” have already been registered in Yucatan, of which 359 are women, 98.62 percent, and five men, 1.38 percent.

From 2012, the maximum was three confirmed cases of male breast cancer, but this time the maximum recorded in the decade was surpassed.

In the country, there are already 394 male cases, of which 1.27 percent correspond to Yucatan, while in Campeche and Quintana Roo there is only one case, 0.25 percent, respectively.
Overall, in the entity, the pathology has already been detected in 364 people, with a decrease of 16.89 percent with respect to the same period in 2021, whose accumulated was 438, the highest incidence from 2012 to date.

Currently, it ranks 15th in the national table, 1.99 percent, and further down is Campeche, with 192 cases, 1.06 percent, and Quintana Roo, with 140 affected, 0.77 percent.

In Mexico, breast cancer also affects the male population, and some of the risk factors that predispose the appearance of this disease in men are a history of family members with this condition, prolonged exposure to radiation, having a disease or treatment that generates high concentrations of estrogen in the body, as well as smoking, alcoholism, liver failure and obesity.

The incidence of this disease increases after 60 years of age, although it can also occur in younger men.

Therefore, men are invited to go for preventive medical check-ups, at least once a year, said the specialist.
But if there are changes in the appearance of the breast, such as the appearance of orange peel skin, deformation or sagging of the nipple, discharge of clear or bloody fluid from the nipple, ulcers in the areola or growth of palpable lumps in the breast or armpit, they should seek immediate medical evaluation.

It should be noted that these changes are not always cancer, as they may be related to other diseases, therefore, it is important to seek medical consultation for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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