Six passengers get their luggage missing on the same Volaris flight to Merida

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Volaris promised to locate the passengers’ suitcases and deliver them to their homes

At least half a dozen passengers from Volaris flight 200 went to the airline counter to claim that their bags did not arrive at the Mérida airport, including Gilmer Xool Puc.

However, the company, after verifying the codes of the bags, promised to deliver them to their homes, at no cost.

The airline only asked its clients to send a message by mail providing their address, as well as a report of the content in each suitcase so that they can locate them because everything indicates that they were left on the ground due to excess baggage. The bags would arrive on the next flight, but to prevent them from waiting, the company promises to deliver the bags to their homes.

Xool Puc, who lives in the Xohuayán police station, Oxkutzcab, said that according to the company the flights are saturated because it is high season and to prevent the flights from being delayed there is a loading and unloading time that those in charge of the dispatch must adhere to. suitcases, luggage that generally arrives on the nearest flight.

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