Senior citizen dies drowned in Progreso’s “Muelle de Chocolate”.

A visit to the port of Progreso turned out to be a tragic trip, after the death of a grandfather from Yucatan was reported, who drowned after falling into the sea from the “muelle de chocolate”.

The events occurred on Sunday, after an elderly man of approximately sixty years of age was fishing at the aforementioned pier, however, at a given moment, he fell into the sea.

It was around 2:00 p.m. when the man slipped and fell into the sea, he began to scream and slap his hands, so his colleagues and visitors tried to help him by throwing nets and ropes, however, the desperation of the elderly man caused him to be dragged, until he finally drowned and lost his life.

Drowned grandfather was dragged by the current

It is worth mentioning that the tide was so strong that his body was dragged to the western sector of the port.

Due to the fact that the body was dragged by the current, an operation was deployed by sea and land in charge of agencies such as the Secretariat of the Mexican Navy based in the thirteenth naval zone, the ecological police, the direction of public safety and transit of the port, as well as the rescue and aid unit of the coastal patrol.

After a couple of hours, the coastal patrol of the ecological police found the body of the elderly man in the port of Chelem, in the western sector of the city, taking him to the dock of the ‘park of the fallen fishermen’, located next to the Yucalpetén harbor.

Personnel from the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) arrived at the scene, as well as elements of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), who were in charge of the removal of the body and the legal proceedings.

It is worth mentioning that the dead grandfather was carrying a wallet among his belongings, which only had coins and no identification, so he remains unknown.

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