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Progreso is in the dark before the CFE’s indifference

by Yucatan Times
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Dozens of families in the municipality of Progreso have suffered considerable material losses due to the continuous blackouts in the municipality during the last month of the year, and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has not responded to the constant complaints.

After a series of denunciations and demonstrations in the commissariats of Chicxulub Puerto, Chelem, Chuburná Puerto and the municipal capital itself, the annoyance of dozens of families was made known, due to the fact that the CFE left them with a dark Christmas and a ruined New Year’s Eve.

It was last December 23 when a CFE pole could not withstand the strong winds and could no longer support a transformer, causing it to collapse, resulting in a direct blackout in several blocks of the Ismael García and Miguel Hidalgo neighborhoods in Chicxulub Puerto.

This situation not only left them without electricity supply, but also became a risky issue for pedestrians passing through the area, as several high voltage cables were detached with the consequent danger to all.

In spite of this, the company ignored the complaints made by more than 20 affected families, who insistently raised the issue of the high tension cable that was detached and almost reaching the wet asphalt due to the rains of cold front number 19.

“But this would not have happened if the poles were maintained, but they are rotten and have even fallen down”, said Mrs. Leonela.

During a tour through several areas of the town it was possible to verify that this accusation was correct, since several poles of the world class company are without maintenance and it can be assured that for several years.

These poles are located on 86th Street between 29th and 31st and others on 33rd Street between 84th and 86th, all of them in the Centro neighborhood of Progreso, not to mention those located to the east and west of the municipal capital.

It is worth remembering that it was in June 2021 when a CFE pole fell on a car on 31st Street between 114 and 116 in Progreso and in August of the same year several poles fell after the strong winds of Hurricane Grace as it passed through the Yucatan peninsula, affecting more than four thousand families for about 24 hours.

However, in this month of December not only is the aforementioned event, but also in the “Nueva Yucalpetén” neighborhood where two electricity poles collapsed, one of them is located on 31A street by 130 and 132; and the other one near the Promarmex freezer on 31 street avenue.

Andres Benitez, affected neighbor, explained that they made the decision to close the streets because the CFE and no authority gave importance to the case “more than for the light, the risk it represented”, he said. However, the alert increased when a dog died electrocuted by the high tension cable that was swinging on that street.

“That prompted us to close the street, because children live there and people pass by, we were not going to wait for this to end in a greater misfortune”.

Mrs. Eduviges Solís Aguilar, said that her family’s economic damages in food alone amounted to more than four thousand pesos.

“We bought 12 kilos of fish, pork, turkey, chops, ham, vegetables, we had bought for dinner on the 24th and 31st, we did not have Christmas and the food was spoiled”, she denounced.

Likewise, Atanasio Rocha, one of the neighbors who insistently followed up his report W0104476522 before the Federal Commission, explained that he not only dialed “I also went and they told me that it was going to take four days for the power to be restored, because they were saturated“, he mentioned.

Other places

The same situation has not only been experienced by the residents of Chicxulub, but also by their brothers in Chuburná Puerto and Chelem, the latter of which is registered under complaint number W0104475579 on December 24.

Merida did not escape, it was in the Salvador Alvarado neighborhood where for more than 12 hours the neighbors have been without electricity, and it was Yajaira Alonzo who stated that the report W0104475296 was already on the platform and the problem had not been solved.

The CFE also had a report in Kanasín where they also spent a Christmas in the dark, so the inhabitants of that place had to close streets to be heard by the authorities, who reconnected the power within hours of the demonstration.

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BJJ January 11, 2023 - 10:28 pm

Dangerous power pole. This dangerous pole is behind the new museum in Progreso. The pole appears to feed electric to the new museum. Should it fall it could cause a lot of damage and expense. Please get an inspection of the pole as wire bands around the poll is NOT a repair


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