Nativitrans: Transgender collective tucks homeless people during Christmas

close up photo of lgbtq letters on a person s hands
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The trans collective Lleca organizes for the third year the “Navitrans” campaign, a collection of clothes and a Christmas dinner aimed at people who are homeless, especially sex workers, to provide them with company during the Christmas season.

“December 24 is a significant date for all people. However, being part of the sexual diversity or sex workers, many times you are rejected by your family, and you have no one to spend these dates with”, explained Victoria Sámano, founder of the collective, in an interview with EFE.

She explained that, for the collection, what they need most is clothes and blankets, which they will distribute to people living on the street so that they can spend the winter better.

During these weeks they have been distributing the donations among the people they have located, to whom they invited to participate in the Christmas dinner, planned for a hundred people.

Sámano’s apartment, in the central Buenavista neighborhood of Mexico City, is also a shelter for about a dozen transgender street people or sex workers.

The idea of offering asylum in his home was born two years ago as a response to the government’s inaction in guaranteeing the safety of LGBT people living on the street.

“There are shelters to serve street populations, but they are not safe for this specific population, who have different needs,” she said.

Sámano called for greater involvement of public institutions, so that the dignity of these people is not left at the mercy of personal initiatives such as his own.

She also urged that people with sexual diversity be included in the census of people in street situations. She, in a personal and partial count, located 42 LGBT people living outdoors in the Mexican capital.

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