Motorcyclists skid on Merida’s Periferico and narrowly escape death

This Friday morning, two motorcyclists who were riding on Merida’s “Manuel Berzunza” ring road ended up skidding after one of the tires of the vehicle they were riding on exploded, fortunately they escaped death.

The events occurred at seven o’clock on December 2nd, when just at kilometer 45 in front of the Yucatan Public Security Secretariat (SSP) Complex, the motorcycle tire could not hold on any longer and exploded.

This caused the driver of the two-wheeler, who was apparently driving at a high speed, to lose control and end up skidding, taking the two men to the asphalt in the middle of the road, with vehicles circulating at high speed.

Unfortunately, the passenger on the motorcycle was the one who bore the brunt of the accident, as he fell to the asphalt and was injured, probably fracturing a rib, as well as suffering a severe blow to his left leg.

In addition to this, a line of cars and heavy trucks were approaching the accident victims, but they managed to avoid them so as not to cause any further damage. State police officers who were on patrol near this place quickly provided support to these people.

Paramedics from the same corporation also arrived at the scene and assisted the two motorcyclists and transported them to a hospital for medical attention.

TYT Newsroom