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Mexico did not allow Romanian citizens to enter national territory, their country asks for an explanation

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After several Romanian citizens who arrived in Mexico by plane were denied entry for no apparent reason, the Romanian Government has requested explanations from the Mexican Government.

According to a document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it has explained that between December 19 and 20 the Romanian embassy in Mexico received “a series of requests for consular assistance from Romanian citizens who were not allowed entry” to the country upon their arrival at the airports of the capital and Cancun.

“The representatives of the embassy have launched urgent measures with the Mexican authorities to obtain information on the situation of the Romanian citizens and the reasons for the refusal of their access to Mexican territory,” reads the Romanian communiqué.

Information transmitted by Mexico states that the Mexican authorities refused the entry of these people after noticing alleged anomalies in their answers to the entry form and due to the existence, in the databases, of “alerts” issued on some of them.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry has expressed its “displeasure” to the Mexican authorities, to whom it has underlined “the importance that this type of decisions are based on solid grounds” and are applied with “strict respect for the rights of Romanian citizens“.

Two of the Romanian tourists affected have denounced to their country’s Digi24 network that Mexican officials prevented them from entering for no other reason than their nationality, despite the fact that they had hotel reservations and other evidence that they came for tourism.

“All of us Romanians were put to one side and in single file,” said the tourist, whose testimony was corroborated by others affected.

The Mexican customs agents handed their passports to the commander of the aircraft with which they flew back to Europe in the direction of Madrid, said another tourist.

Mexican authorities have on numerous occasions expressed their concern about the presence of organized human trafficking groups or groups dedicated to the theft of bank card data made up of Romanians.

In February 2021, Mexican authorities refused entry to dozens of Romanian citizens without any problems with the law, who had to return to their country after spending long hours detained at the airport.

These Romanian tourists were told by Mexican officials that they could not enter the country because Mexico had received an alert about the imminent arrival of a prominent Romanian organized crime figure, according to some of the Romanian tourists. The incident also provoked complaints from the Romanian government.

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