Married couple’s pickup truck overturns and ends up catching fire

Accidente vehicular, courtesy of YA.

A young man and his pregnant wife managed to get out of the car in which they were traveling and it overturned on the Río Lagartos-Tizimín highway.

Oscar P., 24 years old, was driving a Ford Ranger truck with Quintana Roo license plates. While traveling from Río Lagartos to Tizimín, due to the high beams of a truck, he lost control of the steering and went off to his right side, and was left in the brush, overturning on his awning.

The driver and his pregnant wife were able to get out in time after the truck caught fire.

In the accident, the pregnant wife had to be taken to the San Carlos Hospital in Tizimín for medical attention.

TYT Newsroom