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KATAB Guayaberas: A big tradition in the Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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The tradition of making guayaberas: A love story

For Yucatecans, their rich culture is accompanied by centuries of deep-rooted and beloved traditions that pass from generation to generation. 

Such is the case with the KATAB brand. Designers of Yucatecan guayaberas have mixed the tradition of centuries with modernity. To such a degree that behind each garment, there are history, symbolism, culture, and traditions. The effort, work, dedication, passion, heritage, sight, hands, and time; in short, behind each garment, there is life.

Katab. Its history.

KATAB is a Mayan word. It means cross, and it is its differentiating motif. The cross of their embroidery. The cross of their beliefs. Katab integrates the concepts they handle as a distinctive, unique, and original brand. They were established as a company in 1999, and every year since then, they have evolved its brand and concepts. Likewise, they have adapted to the different challenges and needs of the market. 

Alberto Rello Arteaga, founder, and owner of Katab, tells us: “We created the brand “la Plaza del Recreo.” This concept was the first to merge under one roof, handicrafts, clothing with and without handmade embroidery, jewelry, accessories, and hats. Then, the design and proposal in guayaberas were growing and developing”. 

“In 2012, we created the brand “El Recreo” to differentiate more youthful garments, and by 2017 we created Katab, with unique and differentiating features. More special garments, with personality and character. Models with high and sophisticated design and quality standards to advance and evolve in the path of excellence, innovation, service, and the experience of wearing one of our famous designs, with the versatility to be used at weddings, celebrations, vacations, or public or private events. Any reason is the right reason to wear a highly valued garment.

Nothing motivates us more than for a customer to live the maximum satisfaction of a unique experience when buying or receiving one of our garments. Taking it out of its packaging and wearing it. All are aimed at the experience of wearing a guayabera that is above average, and Katab exceeds all customer expectations.

The expert hands make each piece of our “master embroiderers.” Women who are with us, who generation after generation have received from their mothers the millenary knowledge of Yucatecan embroidery, representing their mestizo culture, full of beauty and traditions. 

Our garments are embroidered using the cross stitch technique, also known as “Hilo contado” or “chuc bi chuy” in the Mayan language. The fabrics and finishes range from the simplest to the most complex embroidery designs, with colorful flowers, birds, or butterflies for unique motifs or occasions.

At Katab, we have incorporated this technique learned from generation to generation and have given it a unique spirit and character with our designs. Visit us and live the unique experience of one of our garments. After us, nothing is the same.

Guayaberas Katab, history, tradition, and elegance are in each of our garments.

Contact number: 9992 678345
Social networks: Katab guayaberas and La Plaza del Recreo.
[email protected]

Website: katab.com.mx

Store address
Calle 60 number 453 Casa Patricia with 51 street.
Between Santa Lucia park and Santa Ana park.
Merida, Centro.

The Yucatan Times

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