IMSS Yucatan delivers toys to children as part of December celebrations

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In order to continue endorsing the commitment to the children of our state, the head of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Yucatan, Dr. Miriam Victoria Sanchez Castro, accompanied by the IMSS Volunteers, delivered toys to the Subzone General Hospital (HGSZ/MF) No. 5 in Tizimin, as well as a mobile toy library, called “Ringo Mobile”, with recreational and educational material to the Regional General Hospital (HGR) No. 12, “Licenciado Benito Juarez Garcia” in Merida. “Licenciado Benito Juárez García” in Mérida.

The first delivery was made at the Tizimín Hospital where Dr. Sánchez Castro, accompanied by the IMSS Volunteers and its honorary director, Adrián Orduño Yáñez, delivered toys to 70 children from the community who were very happy and enthusiastic to receive their gifts and greet Santa Claus. During the tour, the head of the Children’s Hospital gave a present to the only girl who was hospitalized.
In addressing her message, the head of IMSS Yucatan, said:

“It is important for us to be present and IMSS, under the guidelines of our director, Maestro Zoé Robledo, has placed great emphasis on providing care with quality and warmth, with timeliness and empathy.”

He also reiterated that this work could not be done without the support of the staff, as well as the “heart of the Institute: the Volunteers, who made the effort to collect the toys and get them to Tizimín. For IMSS, all the units are important.

Rita Vázquez de Acevedo, executive director of the Yucatán Volunteer Program, and Adrián Orduño Yáñez, honorary director of the IMSS Volunteer Program, addressed a few words to the parents of the children, and reaffirmed their willingness and commitment to continue supporting and carrying out altruistic work for those who need it most.

At the end of the activities in Tizimín, the second delivery of toys took place in the city of Mérida, at the Regional General Hospital No. 12, where the donation of the toy library “Ringo Móvil” was also made, a space where the children who must stay in the hospital can find material to read, make crafts, play and learn during their stay, in order to provide them with tools that support them in their process of adaptation to the environment and favor a better coexistence, entertainment and recovery.

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