Hooded men violently enter UNAM offices in CU; steal equipment and detonate explosives

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) reported that a group of hooded men “violently” entered the central offices in Ciudad Universitaria and stole computer equipment.

“A group of about twelve people with their faces covered violently entered the offices located at the main entrance to Ciudad Universitaria, at 3000 Universidad Avenue,” UNAM said in a statement.

The university warned that “the aggressors damaged buildings, broke glass, cut steel protections, detonated explosives and set fire to the furniture inside the facilities, as well as in the public thoroughfare”.

In addition, the aggressors stole computer equipment, radio transmitters, photocopiers, medical equipment and other furniture.

UNAM detailed that the hooded men also stole the belongings of administrative workers: “The stolen objects were taken inside the Justo Sierra auditorium of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters”.

“UNAM condemns the acts of vandalism, the damage to university property and the theft of university staff, because a protest cannot be a justification for acts of criminal organizations that basically seek to destabilize the University.”

UNAM’s legal department went to the Territorial Investigation Prosecutor’s Office, in Coyoacán, to file the corresponding complaint, initiating investigation folder number CI-FICOY/UAT-COY-2/UI-1 S/D/03519/12-2022, for the crime of damage to property and theft. The University affirmed that it will provide all the evidence in its possession to find those responsible.

TYT Newsroom