High expectations for local merchants during the Christmas holiday season

red white and brown gift boxes
Photo by George Dolgikh on Pexels.com

Merchants of Christmas products in Mérida have high expectations for this December, especially after two years of low profits due to the pandemic, although at least for the moment the sale of traditional nativity scenes, Christmas trees, spheres and other items has been slow.

Mérida, Yuc..- With the arrival of the last month of the year, the businesses in the center of the city look colorful with the series of lights of different models, trees, and spheres of all sizes and the figures for the representation of the traditional nativity scene.

“We hope it will turn out much better than in previous years, with the reopening people are going about their normal lives and we believe this will help because now they will surely spend the holidays with their families and decorate their homes,” said Mr. Emmanuel Chacón, who has a stand of religious images.

“God wills that as the days go by it will improve, we trust that it will because these first days of December it has been low”, he added.

It is worth mentioning that in the heart of the Yucatecan capital, Christmas trees can be found from 250 pesos and up, although there are also various desktop presentations at more economical prices.

As for the nativity scenes, they are available from 50 pesos, depending obviously on the size and material.

“It is the beginning of the month, few families have received their Christmas bonus, we estimate that after the 10th, when more people receive their payments, sales may improve, they do come to ask prices, the interest is noticeable”, said Mrs. Irma Flores, also dedicated to the sector.

It should be noted that the nativity scenes range from 200 to more than 3 thousand pesos, according to the size and number of characters, since they can be purchased only the pilgrims or the set that includes the Three Wise Men, the Angel and even a more complete one with the animals of the manger. They are made of different materials such as plastic, resin and ceramic.

“During the weekend several trees were sold, there are people who took advantage of the fortnight, others already received their Christmas bonus and that helps, but we believe that it may be better in the coming days. We also feel that with the pandemic we have lost part of the Christmas spirit and desire to put up the pine tree and decorate the home,” said Guadalupe Martinez Garcia, manager of a store selling decorative items.

“There is also the fact that people are more reserved and do not spend so easily, they are saving more, but the time we have in this makes us think and we hope it will increase”, she added.

The spheres can be found in practically all colors, although according to the merchants, among those in greatest demand are the red, purple, gold and silver ones. They are sold in units, in packs of six, 10, 50, 100 or even more, in fact there are kits that include several sizes in the same set.

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