Handicrafts are a good option for a Christmas gift

Handicrafts are products made with the care and creativity of Mexican hands, so they represent a good option for Christmas gifts, according to vendors at Expo Tlaqueparte, which opened its doors last Thursday in the city of Merida.

In its fourth edition in the city of Merida, the event is being held in the Chichen Itza Hall of the Siglo XXI Convention Center, with the participation of more than 60 exhibitors from all over Mexico and countries such as Nigeria, Russia, Turkey, Cuba and Colombia.

Textiles such as T-shirts, dresses, pants and skirts, hair accessories, earrings, decorative items, unique ingredients from other parts of the world and Mexican beverages, are part of the catalog of products that can be purchased, which will be available until December 5.

“Expo Tlaqueparte is a platform that gives artisans the opportunity to take their products to other cities in the country, in an environment of fair trade in which we try to eliminate the figure of haggling, so that they pay what is fair for their work,” said Carlos Maytorena Martínez to La Verdad Noticias.

The president of the event’s organizing committee added that prior to the Christmas holidays, this is a good opportunity for Yucatecans to find that unique, quality gift, ideal for giving to their loved ones.

Expo Tlaqueparte in Mérida

Maytorena Martínez explained that the fourth edition of Expo Tlaqueparte is open to the public from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm with free admission.

He also mentioned that in order to promote the public’s visit to Mérida, they have created a dynamic on the event’s social networks, which consists of sharing an image and registering through a message, to receive a handicraft as a gift. Buyers also get tickets for a raffle to be held next Monday afternoon.

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