Flight from Tuxtla Gutierrez to Cancun delayed six hours by a passenger: he did not want to pay for extra luggage

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A Viva Aerobus plane that was supposed to fly from Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, to Cancun, was delayed for more than six hours after a conflict between a passenger and the airline arose inside the aircraft; as a result of the alarming situation, authorities were forced to intervene and calm down the situation.

According to initial reports, the conflict started when a passenger tried to take on extra baggage without paying the excess baggage fee. Witnesses affirm that the man entered the aircraft with 3 suitcases when only one suitcase and hand luggage were allowed; when the airline staff approached him to give him directions, the man flatly refused to check the extra luggage, which caused a confrontation that lasted for hours.

In a recording, circulating on social networks, a part of the discussion between the man and the authorities can be seen. In the clip, the man assures that he is not carrying excess baggage, since he “paid” for his suitcases. Similarly, it is heard that the passengers of the plane request the presence of the captain of the aircraft: “get him out, get him out”, shout those who were on the flight.

Seconds later, the authorities ask the man to leave the plane, however, the passenger assures them that the situation is the result of a “whim” of the captain, so he refuses to leave the plane. The rest of the people who were inside the aircraft supported the passenger and defend him from the authorities who are trying to get him off.

According to a statement issued by Viva Aerobus, the passenger was asked to allow the crew to check his luggage, due to a lack of space in the cabin, but he refused to do so. “Upon presenting, in addition, aggressive behavior against members of the crew, the passenger was required to disembark the aircraft.” The airline added that “given the passenger’s refusal to comply with this requirement, the crew found it necessary to notify the Federal Civil Aviation Agency.

Viva Aerobus emphasized that due to the man’s refusal, the case had to be classified as an “attempted unlawful seizure of the aircraft in accordance with the provisions of the AFAC“, until the passenger agreed to get off the plane. Finally, the flight took off and landed at its destination, Cancun International Airport, at 5:19 p.m., after more than six hours of delay.

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