Environmental Performance at Merida Airport Ratified

With more than 20 years with the Environmental Performance Certificate Number One, Merida’s International Airport “Manuel Crescencio Rejon” reaffirmed its commitment to environmental measures, which was recognized by the Federal Attorney’s Office for Environmental Protection (Profepa).

The airport’s director, Óscar Felipe Carrillo Maldonado, pointed out that Merida’s airport has maintained this distinction and others for several years, positioning the Yucatan capital’s air terminal as a socially responsible company with the environment.

What is the purpose of having this certificate?

What this document certifies is that the processes we carry out at the airport that have to do with the environment are carried out in compliance with federal laws, in terms of water, air, soil, and garbage collection.

What would happen if we did not have this certificate?

This helps us a lot, since the group is in the stock exchange, so this certificate brings an extraordinary value to the company, the instruction is to keep it since we have more than 20 years with this certificate, every two years we renew it and this is the tenth one we obtain.

Does the airport have more certificates in this sense?

Of course, apart from having the Profepa certificate for environmental quality, we are also certified by ISO 1400, an international environmental management standard, and the Distintivo S, awarded by the Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo (National Tourism Development Fund).

Having these certificates and distinctions is compliance with the law, but it is also the conviction we have as an airport to improve the environment.

How does Merida airport take care of the environment?

We have an environmental management system, which we operate in ASUR’s airports, where we are in charge of the standards, we have a waste water treatment plant that complies with the requirements of the regulations; oxygenation, phosphorous and clean water that is returned to the water table, as well as activities that seek to reduce noise in some areas, electrical energy through solar panels, among other innovations.

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