AMLO on INE: “In a democracy no one is untouchable”.

Amlo, courtesy from Energía Hoy

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador qualified as an advance the approval of the secondary laws related to the electoral norm in the Chamber of Deputies, despite the limitations and the fact that the same did not happen with the proposal to initiate was a constitutional reform.

“It was an important advance that this reform was approved in the Chamber of Deputies, I am very grateful, as I did yesterday with the senators, to the deputies who voted in favor of this reform, I think that even with the limitations, because a constitutional reform was not achieved, because it was prevented by the anti-democratic and corrupt conservatives”, he indicated.

In the Treasury Room of the National Palace, the Federal President pointed out that the Mexican Government could not leave the precedent that there are untouchable institutions in the country.

He indicated that there were people in good faith who allowed themselves to be manipulated, who got it into their heads that INE and the electoral roll were being taken over for the purpose of a reelection, “that democracy will not be allowed, pure lies“.

“We could not leave the precedent that an institution at the service of minorities, of an oligarchy, who felt they were the owners of Mexico, would be maintained without any change, and that the slogan ‘INE is not to be touched’ will be established, in a democracy nobody can be untouchable”, he affirmed.

López Obrador celebrated the approval of the electoral reform, the so-called “Plan B“, and said that it will be the Judicial Power who will determine if the constitution is violated.

“How good that the law was approved because sometimes these political acts are signs of the times in which we live, regardless of the background, the fact that it was possible to sustain that the majority in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies approved this initiative, because besides, and they know it, but they are very hypocritical, the majority of the people are in favor of the Constitutional Reform”, he asserted.

AMLO analyzes another constitutional reform

Criticizing that it is “hypocrisy” that former presidents Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto obtained residency in Spain, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced this Friday that he is analyzing sending another constitutional reform for Article 33, which orders the expulsion of foreigners “uncomfortable” to the government.

“They are already dated articles, since they are from the 19th century. We are asking that the policy of Manifest Destiny or the Monroe Policy of ‘America for the Americans’ no longer be applied, if we don’t want these things to happen that we have just seen now, the image of the US embassy with the president of Peru, if we don’t want that, we also have to move forward, but don’t come out with: Article 33 is not to be touched,” he said during the morning press conference at the National Palace.

Article 33 states: “The Executive of the Union, after a hearing, may expel foreigners from the national territory based on the law, which will regulate the administrative procedure, as well as the place and time of detention. Foreigners may in no way interfere in the political affairs of the country“.

López Obrador criticized “the hypocrisy” of Felipe Calderón for requesting residency in Spain while in Mexico he has requested the expulsion of foreigners related to Morena, under 33, such as the Spanish promoter of the 4T, Abraham Mendiente.

“And this of Abraham Mendiente is an offense. I am even going to give him a recognition, a recognition like this,” he said.

He also stressed that Mexico should no longer repeat moments such as the early departure from the country of writer Mario Vargas Llosa in the times of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, after criticizing that the PRI was “the perfect dictatorship“, a phrase that, he said, the Peruvian took from the book “México bárbaro” by writer J. K. Turán.

“We don’t want that, that nobody feels persecuted, that nobody thinks they are going to be sanctioned, expelled, banished if they criticize the government, no, that’s what we could change,” he said.

López Obrador attributed Spain’s welcome to the former Mexican presidents to the fact that they benefited Spanish companies with millionaire contracts during their administrations, for example, he said that Repsol was the favorite of Vicente Fox and especially of Calderón, as well as Iberdrola; while with Peña Nieto it was OHL.

“He also commented that we are free and that Spain can give a visa to any person, human being, and that if former President Calderón, Salinas, Enrique Pea Nieto decide to do so, they have the right to do so. The only thing that bothers me about this, not that it bothers me but it calls my attention and I can’t stress it enough, is when they use double discourse, double standards, hypocrisy,” he said.

He revealed that OHL was even favored by Peña Nieto in a bidding process in which the Carso Group of the richest businessman in Mexico, Carlos Slim, competed.

“Well, I can tell you that once a highway was being tendered and OHL participated and another of the participants was Slim, through his company Carso, and Carso offered to do the work with less cost, and what do you think, they gave the work to OHL, and the justification for not giving Carso the work was that Slim’s company did not have economic solvency, Slim’s company, the richest man in Mexico, did not have economic solvency”, he narrated.

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