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5 Things Every Beginner Should Know Before Playing at an Online Casino

by Yucatan Times

Gambling is a massive part of the 2022 entertainment industry. The market has been growing rather rapidly since the 90s. In large part, this is thanks to the introduction of online casinos. These websites make gaming a whole lot more convenient. Nowadays, you can click a button and get a taste of hundreds, if not thousands, of online casino games. Anything from slots to poker and even roulette is now available online.

However, not everyone is familiar with the new developments in gambling. After all, iGaming, as it is called, is still a relatively recent phenomenon. The first gambling websites hit the scene in the 90s and gained mainstream attention in the early 2000s. But, nowadays, more and more people are becoming interested in online gambling. And with minimum deposit casinos becoming a lot more popular, we would like to go over everything that you need to know before you start playing. 


First and foremost, you need to know how to identify a trustworthy, legit, and reliable casino. Luckily, there isn’t much to it. All you need to do is look for a notable license. A license ensures that the casino you are playing at is a legitimate business. The issuers have looked at the website’s terms, analyzed their games, and examined the house edge. And they have concluded that the website is a legitimate business and isn’t planning to scam or trick its customers.

While any country can issue licenses, some are more trustworthy than others. For example, countries from the European Union are known for their highly-respected license. If you see a website licensed by Malta, Gibraltar, or Great Britain, then you know these websites are worth trying out. 

However, the Caribbean countries are the ones to keep an eye on. Caribbean countries take gambling and the industry very seriously. Licenses are given out only to the most pristine of businesses. So, if you find a website licensed by Curacao, definitely check it out, as it is likely very reliable.

Luck is Worth More Than Strategy

When joining an online casino website, many go in with the expectation that strategy will help them dominate the games. However, as Napoleon Bonaparte rather famously said, “I would rather have a lucky general than a good one.” In other words, when gambling online or offline, luck is worth a lot more than strategy.

Most online casino games are entirely luck-based. First and most apparent, slots. There is no strategy you can incorporate to become “better” at slots. All you can do is learn more about the game, how it works, and how it pays out. But even then, it is still luck that you will rely on most. And the exact same thing is true about games like blackjack, baccarat, craps, and roulette.

Poker is the only game at online casinos where strategy goes hand-in-hand with luck. Poker has a ton of different variants, so fans of the game will not grow tired quickly. It is only a matter of finding the best poker websites and games. 

You Don’t Have to Be in the Same Country as the Casino

Many people don’t understand that they don’t need to be in the same country as the website to play on it. Many online casino websites are internationally available. Even if the website comes from Great Britain, Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders, and Australians can still play on it. In fact, it is even possible to play at offshore accounts unavailable in your country if you own a virtual private network.

So, what is a virtual private network? Well, a VPN is a program that scatters your private network along public networks anywhere in the world. In doing so, they protect your IP and keep it safe from cyberattacks. But also, they trick websites into believing your IP comes from whatever public network you’ve decided to overlay. So, if you choose to overlay your private grid on a public network in, for example, Japan, any website you go to will behave as if you are in Japan. 

Now, we get that many of you don’t have the money nor the inclination to drop cash on a VPN. Luckily, there are quite a few quality virtual private networks you can place on your browser for free. And while we recommend you do drop some dough on the top-quality ones, the free VPNs are still an excellent alternative.

Contact Customer Support 

Many people have a sort of strange apprehension towards asking for help. And while we understand that it can be awkward to do this, you have to overcome that anxiety when it comes to dealing with money. As with any website, there will be a time when you experience some technical difficulties. When that happens, don’t be afraid to take advantage of these sites’ customer support, and message them. 

Now, it is essential to look for websites praised for their customer support. For example, playing at a casino with a 24/7 customer support live chat open is much better. However, if you can’t find one, that is alright too. Every online casino website will have an email specifically for customer support. Before you sign up for a website, look up their customers’ thoughts on the support system. If the customer support is poorly rated, look elsewhere.

Remember to Have Fun

Finally, remember to have fun. Don’t rush into any games because you are scared of missing out. Take your time, start with the easy ones, and enjoy yourself. We recommend that you learn the rules of blackjack and give that game a go. Why? Well, it is quite simple. Blackjack has the best player odds out of any other casino game.

Slots tend to have a house advantage between 5% and 10%. Roulette varies depending on the version. However, it can be anything between 1.25% and 5%. Poker depends entirely on your skill and the skills of your opponents. Blackjack, however, has a house edge of only 0.5% and 1%, making it the best game for beginners.

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