5 reasons why your dog scratches all the time

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Have you ever noticed that your dog scratches desperately and almost all the time? If the answer is yes, you should keep an eye out for other symptoms that he may present over the days and seek immediate help from a veterinarian. A mistake that many owners make is to ignore the dog’s discomfort and assume that a bath with special soap will fix everything, since the first assumption is that the itching is caused by fleas.

Even if we take extra care of our furry ones, they are never exempt from a flea jumping on them to make their skin and fur their new home, especially during walks in the park or if other dogs approach them. While this is a very valid scenario, these insects are not the only reason your lomito is scratching all the time and letting their annoyance go by can end up in a condition that requires further care.

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On the other hand, if after checking his coat in depth and not finding the presence of fleas, the next thing you should do is look at the shampoo with which you are giving him his regular baths, because although many brands are over-the-counter in their ingredients there are substances that can cause a long list of problems such as dermatitis on the skin. Of course, it is not the only thing to consider and even stress can be one of the reasons why the pet seeks to scratch with his paws or teeth, as well as surfaces such as the base of the furniture to reach areas that can not reach and damage it.

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The expert and CEO of Naturale Mascota, Alejandra Carmona, shared with El Heraldo Digital that skin problems and itching are some of the most common difficulties in pets and their reasons can range from stress, use of chemical products or poor care of your dog’s coat. According to the specialist, the list of reasons is extensive, but these are the five common reasons.

Canine dermatitis

Dermatitis is not a problem exclusive to humans. Although there are several types of this condition, they all have a common symptom: excessive scratching. Some of its main reactions are redness, presence of spots or pimples, dryness, flaking or changes in skin color; whether due to heredity or allergic reaction, it is important to learn to identify the symptoms and seek immediate veterinary care to avoid moments of discomfort and pain for your pet.


Dogs can also suffer from dandruff problems throughout their lives and that is why it is important to pay attention to this problem when taking them to the veterinarian for diagnosis, because the symptoms are often confused with other diseases.

Caused by fungi, allergies or parasites, some of the main symptoms of dandruff are flaking and they tend to worsen in months like December and winter seasons due to humidity, so our pets could be suffering from discomfort. Be sure to brush their fur and take care of their diet, as this could help a lot.

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Use of chemicals

Finding the ideal shampoo is essential for dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets, as they all need to have products created exclusively for their care, otherwise, they can cause skin problems. If you notice that your pet scratches, bites or carves against furniture hours after its bath, it may be time to look for a new natural, holistic, chemical-free alternative, adapted to its size, age and skin type.


Unfortunately, problems are not limited to fleas, as ticks, garden bugs and house mites are the order of the day. Prevention is the best way to avoid the spread of parasites, so maintaining a clean, disinfected space and active parasite protection is a must for a pet household.


Especially in the case of dogs, boredom, monotony or lack of physical activity can cause repetitive behaviors that can hurt them, one of them being itching and excessive scratching. This can easily become an “obsession”, so it is important to dedicate the necessary time to entertainment and physical activity for your pet.

Remember that taking care of a pet is an adventure that should be taken seriously, besides being your best friend, therapist, food stealer and personal trainer, it is a living being that requires your care and unconditional love to have a healthy and happy life. So if you detect that your dog scratches all the time pay attention to the above reasons and seek help from a veterinarian.

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