Wind gust drags hot air balloons into the crowd at Leon festival, 12 people injured

Photo: AM

A gust of wind blew the hot air balloons into a crowd that was participating in the second magical night of the International Balloon Festival (FIG), leaving at least twelve people injured in the Metropolitan Park of Leon.

The air current displaced the inflated balloons towards the attendees, mainly young people who were enjoying an artistic presentation, who were screaming and running for protection. Several of them had nervous breakdowns. Other balloons flew into the trees.

The Secretary of Security, Prevention and Citizen Protection of Leon reported that twelve people were injured in the incident, some with bruises and others with nervous breakdowns.

Three of the injured people were taken to hospitals to rule out major injuries and the others received attention from Civil Protection and Fire Department paramedics.

He assured that none of the injured is serious. “The transfers were made to the private medical unit established by the organizing committee according to the corresponding insurance.”

The SSPPCL announced that it is participating in the investigation of aeronautical authorities for an incident recorded on the second day of FIG activities.

He explained that around 19:30 hours on Saturday a gust of wind caused the displacement of the hot air balloons. He added that the balloons were immediately secured.

Also, “pilots, aerostats and vehicles were evacuated from the area, thus avoiding major damage”.

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