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This is how your cat shows love!

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Cats have their own way of expressing their emotions. Some displays of affection are really clear while others are a bit more subtle. However, understanding your cat is key to getting along with him. So, here are a few signs of affection that your feline companion can show you.

1. Purrs. Undoubtedly, this is the main way cats express that they feel happy and at ease. For this reason, when you are with your cat, he probably can’t help purring.

2. He rubs against you. When a cat rubs against a person or object it is leaving its scent. He does this because he wants to make it clear to other cats what his family and territory is. On the other hand, your feline rubbing up against you or other family members shows his group membership and acceptance.

3. He follows you everywhere. If your cat feels a deep attachment to you, it is normal for him to constantly follow you around your house, so this is also a way of showing his affection. Some cats even accompany their humans to the bathroom!

4. He licks you. Cats that belong to the same group usually groom each other, this being their way of leaving their characteristic scent and taking care of each other. Therefore, if your cat licks you, you should know that this is a way to show that you are part of his group and that he is fond of you.

5. They greet you when you come home. That your cat comes to greet you when you get home is a great sign of affection, and it is probably because he misses you when you are not home.

6. He shows you his belly. When your cat shows you his belly, it’s because he wants you to listen to him. In addition, it is a clear indication that he trusts you, since for him the belly is a very vulnerable area.

7. He stares at you. A cat staring at another cat can be a defiant act. However, if your cat stares at you, the meaning changes completely. In this case he is not threatened by you, and is actually curious about what you are doing. In addition, he may be trying to get your attention.

8. Sleeps with you or on top of you. If your cat sleeps with you, he probably does so because he feels comfortable next to you. In addition, when sleeping he is completely unprotected, so sleeping next to you means that you make him feel safe from threats.

9. He meows at you. When a cat wants attention to get something from you, he usually resorts to meowing. He may do this to ask you to fill his food bowl, for example, but he may also simply want you to spend some time with him, petting him or playing with him, simply because he loves you.

10. He brings you treats. Although it may not be the nicest token of love for us, it is certainly the thought that counts. It is common for cats to bring their newlywed prey such as insects, mice or birds to their humans as an offering. This is usually another token of affection that indicates that you are part of their nuclear family.

Aren’t cats just amazing!?

orange tabby cat beside fawn short coated puppy
Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

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