Tattoos raffled to sterilize 40 cats in Yucatán

In an effort to reduce the population of stray animals, the citizens’ group Esterilizando Patitas is holding a raffle of permanent tattoos to raise funds for low-cost sterilization operations.

Through their social networks, the group of friends from Kanasín have published on at least two occasions the dynamics with which they collect the economic resources that allow them to carry out their sterilization campaigns.

There are around 200 people who participate in each raffle, which offers as prizes for first and second place, a 10 centimeter color tattoo by artist Tania Camacho (@Yodelbosque), as well as a Baby Lips session for third place.

The ticket for these raffles is 40 pesos and the goal is that with the proceeds, it will be possible to carry out a new sterilization campaign for 40 cats, with the support of a local veterinary clinic.

The next raffle will be held this Monday, November 28th.

Heidi Morales, representative of Esterilizando Patitas, told La Verdad Noticias that for each of these low cost sterilization campaigns it is necessary to raise at least 4 thousand pesos, for the material and veterinary supplies required.

She recalled that through this type of dynamics, during 2022 they have been able to support 380 low cost sterilizations, for the benefit of the public health of people located in Kanasín and the east of Mérida.

She explained that the raffles are constant, so citizens interested in promoting sterilization can participate with this type of donation in favor of stray animals.

Likewise, he reminded that through social networks they inform about future campaigns so that people with limited resources can access this service for their pets at a reduced cost.

The same way they use to make transparent the resources collected and invested in the different sterilization campaigns they have carried out.

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