Security in Yucatan is built by all: Mauricio Vila during his participation in the Smart City Expo World Congress

In the presence of representatives from 700 cities and regions from the five continents attending the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) 2022, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal affirmed that security in Yucatan is built by all of us, civil society, private initiative, and all levels of government because the model that works for us is Teamwork.

As part of his participation in the world’s most important smart cities meeting in Barcelona, Spain, the Governor also held a meeting with the CEO of FIRA Barcelona International, Ricard Zapatero Camps, to announce that Merida will host the 2023 edition of the Smart City Expo LATAM Congress.

He also met with the governors of Antioquia, Colombia, Anibal Gaviria, and Santiago de Chile, Claudio Orrego, to establish and strengthen cooperation ties between the two regions. He spoke with them about the future of their districts and public policies on security and mobility.

Within this framework, Vila Dosal also met with Latin American mayors from cities in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Chile, to whom he extended an invitation to attend next year’s 8th edition of the Smart City Expo LATAM Congress in the Yucatan capital, which he extended to all Latin American mayors.

During his participation in the panel discussion “Do Smart Cities Put Security First?”, the Governor presented the actions and strategies that his administration has implemented to preserve the most important things for Yucatecan families: peace and tranquility.

There, the Governor pointed out that it has been through dialogue and consensus with society and its diverse groups that together we are making the changes needed to transform Yucatan into a just and safe state for all.

However, he said, in security issues, one cannot trust but must work every day to maintain it, and therefore, his government has invested heavily in this area through “Safe Yucatan”, which is going from having 2,248 video surveillance cameras to 6,775; 219 highway arches; 2,410 intelligent traffic lights; 4 boats for the coastal police, a new helicopter; 711 patrols and a new C5i Command Center.

On the other hand, Vila Dosal pointed out that he has sought to improve the conditions of security agents, with competitive salaries; schemes to access private medical attention in case of work accidents; the possibility of obtaining a loan from the Instituto del Fondo Nacional de Vivienda de Los Trabajadores (Infonavit); scholarships for their children’s university, with 100% coverage of enrollment and tuition, and a bimonthly support of 1,600 pesos; as well as the Circuit and the recently introduced Citizen Heroes Card, with more than 1,000 companies offering discounts to security forces and health personnel.

The Governor affirmed that not only has technology reached the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), but also the Attorney General’s Office and the Judicial Branch are being strengthened to modernize their processes and thus their attention to citizens.

In addition, Vila Dosal continued, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) and the SSP are the best evaluated in the whole country, having obtained first place in the Effective Performance Index and in the Confidence Index, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) at the end of 2021.

Finally, he pointed out that this security strategy in the state has yielded good results, since Yucatan has maintained its high indexes in this matter, and as a proof of this, in the Peace Index it was the most peaceful in Mexico last year; furthermore, according to the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SNSP), as of September, it has the lowest incidence of crime, looting, kidnappings, victims of intentional homicide and vehicle robberies.

The Governor shared the panel with important personalities such as the General Secretary of United Cities and Local Governments (CGLUIM) in Barcelona, Emilia Saíz Carrancedo; the Minister of Justice and Security of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Marcelo Silvio D’Alessandro; the Chief Technology Officer of the City of New York, Matthew C. Fraser; and the Deputy Mayor of Curitiba, Brazil, Eduardo Pimentel Slaviero.

Moments before, Vila Dosal met with the CEO of FIRA Barcelona International, Ricard Zapatero Camps, with whom he ratified that Yucatan will host the 8th edition of Smart City Expo LATAM, the most important smart city congress in Latin America, to be held from May 23rd to 25th, 2023.

The Smart City Expo LATAM Congress is the leading event for cities and territories that seeks to give visibility to those technological and innovative actions that are driving the transformation of the Latin American region to create better opportunities for all its inhabitants.

For its next edition in the state is expected the participation of more than 10,000 accredited attendees, the representation of more than 300 cities and governments from 45 countries, more than 200 institutions and companies, 300 speakers and the presence of more than 55 media.

The 8th edition will be held in parallel with two co-located events: the Tomorrow Mobility, with conferences and exhibition of solutions and the vanguard of the mobility and transportation sector, and the Smart Fest, a festival that seeks to involve the active society in the sustainable resolution of challenges faced by our cities through technology and innovation to have better environments in which to live.

The 6th edition of the Latam Smart City Awards will also be held, an initiative that recognizes the most innovative and disruptive projects that are transforming their environments into smart cities. The call for entries will be announced soon through the website

It should be remembered that Yucatan has hosted the Smart City Expo LATAM Congress for three consecutive years, since in 2020 it was held virtually, in 2021 it was held in a hybrid way and in 2022 in person, a meeting that brings together representatives of this sector from various parts of the world and generates jobs, in addition to placing the entity as a reference in the field at the regional level.

As part of his agenda this day, the Governor held a meeting with the Governor of Antioquia, Anibal Gaviria, with whom he explored areas of opportunity to strengthen ties in the areas of tourism, territorial planning, attention to climate change and mobility.

Meanwhile, with the Governor of Santiago de Chile, Claudio Orrego, he discussed the strategies we are implementing to promote safe, sustainable and smart cities in our regions.

Governors, Ministers and mayors from different countries will participate in the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), where they will share knowledge and experiences to promote the transformation of cities.

This important international event will be attended by representatives from cities such as Amsterdam, Atlanta, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Doha, Frankfurt, Kiev, New York, Paris, Quito, Reykjavik, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Seoul, Stockholm, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and Vienna.

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