Progreso beachgoers take TV screen to the beach to watch Mexico’s World Cup game

Once again, some people stopped their activities to watch Mexico’s second game, as in the case of the Progreso beachgoers, who bought a television to the beach to watch the game against Argentina.

The state government launched the “World Cup for All” program, which consists of placing mega-screens at various points in the state so that fans can watch the matches of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The port of Progreso is one of the municipalities where a screen was placed for the enjoyment of the people of Progreso, however, it was not enough, as visitors to the port took their own TV screen to the beach to watch the national team face Argentina.

There is so much enthusiasm for the Mexican National Team, that some vendors left their activities to watch the game.

It is a very important game for Mexicans, because in this match the possibility of being able to continue in the World Cup is at stake”, said Álvaro Méndez, who also indicated that sales were a little low.

On the other hand, some service providers took advantage of Mexico’s game to offer their services to beachgoers, so they placed screens to attract visitors.

It is worth remembering that during Mexico’s first game, there was a good influx of people, despite the fact that it took place during the week and during working hours.

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