Pirates arrested in Progreso after assaulting a fisherman

A pair of “pirates” were arrested after assaulting a fisherman in the port of Progreso.

According to what was announced by the Public Safety and Transit Department (DSPT) of the port of Progreso, around noon on Friday, November 25, a fisherman reported an unusual assault when he was preparing his stash to go fishing.

The affected party reported that after being apprehended by a couple, who in the midst of insults and threats with a knife, forced him to lower his gaze and not to turn around, while they fled.

After the alleged criminals fled, the fisherman requested support from the emergency services, so they proceeded to launch an operation and arrested both criminals, who were intercepted on 90th Street at 29th and 31st in the downtown area of the port.

The arrested were identified as M.J.C.V., 45 years old, and L.C.P.S., 40 years old, one of the alleged criminals being a woman, which has surprised the community because it is the first time that a woman has been arrested for robbery of fishermen.

The arrestees were found with loot consisting of two sacks containing fishing gear and a bucket of weights, which were secured and returned to their owner.

It was reported that the affected fisherman avoided giving statements to avoid reprisals, since there have been constant robberies on the high seas and the presence of “pirates” who, with firearms and knives, have threatened fishermen to rob them of their belongings has been a cause for concern.

TYT Newsroom