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One of the most biodiverse countries in the world: 10 wild animals in Mexico

by Yucatan Times
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Mexico is a country full of culture, colors and flavors, and also of exotic and fantastic animals. Today we present a list of 10 wild animals of Mexico.

  1. Spider Monkey
    • The spider monkey is one of the cutest animals in Mexico and is native to the tropical rainforests and woodland of Mexico. These monkeys are characterized by their black fur, white belly, long limbs, and a long prehensile tail.
    • Cacomistle
      • It’s a mammal native to Mexico that lives in the southeastern jungles of the country. It is known for its cute appearance that looks like a crossing between a monkey, a cat, and a raccoon.
    • Axolotl
      • Is one of the world’s most strange-looking animals. They are amphibians and are known for their ability to regrow their limbs and digits. They were once eaten as a delicacy in Mexico City but are now a protected species since they’re in a critical danger of extinction.
    • Flying squirrel
      • The southern flying squirrel lives in the highlands of Mexico and are known for their ability to glide in the air from tree to tree using their membrane like a parachute. The longest recorded glide was almost 90 meters, which is very impressive.
    • Coati
      • Also known as coatimundi, is a long-nosed animal related to raccoons. They are characterized by their brown fur, long snouts, small ears, and long striped tail. The coati is a smart animal with strong limbs that they use for both climbing and digging.
    • Ocelot
      • Is a medium-sized wild cat that have similar appearance to the jaguar and the clouded leopard. They are found in the forests of Mexico where they like to sleep in the trees during the day and go hunting at night.
    • Mexican Grey Wolf
      • The Mexican Grey Wolf is around the same size as a large domestic dog but run and hunt in packs and can be incredibly dangerous like other wolf breeds.
    • Quetzal
      • The Quetzal is known for its strikingly colored feathers in green and red colors. They are known to be one of the world’s most beautiful birds.
    • Mexican Spinytail Iguana
      • Is a medium-sized lizard native to Mexico and Central America. They can grow up to 1.3 m (4.3 ft) in length and have distinctive scales on their tails, which have given them the “spinytail iguana” name.
    • Jaguar
      • The jaguar is a species of cat that lives across Mexico all the way down to northern Argentina in South America. In Mexico, they can be spotted in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

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