On November 13th, demonstrations will be held in 12 Mexican cities to defend the INE

Civil society, private initiatives, students, housewives, and workers, we all must defend the National Electoral Institute (INE) from the threats of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He wants to control the electoral referee to “perpetuate himself in power”, said the national leader of the PAN political party, Marko Cortés.

He urged the public to participate in the march on Sunday, November 13, in Mexico City. Departing from the Angel of Independence towards the Hemicycle to Juárez. Cortés announced that in his 25th Ordinary National Assembly, to be held next weekend, the PAN members will close ranks in defense of freedom, democracy, the INE, and the electoral courts.

“The government and Morena are underestimating society, the strength we have as a nation; they want to put an end to everything that we have achieved through decades of struggle: free elections, with a reliable electoral institution and, above all, the free and secret vote”. Cortez continued. 

President Lopez Obrador tells the people not to be aspirational, but he has great aspirations, as he wants to perpetuate himself in power”, Cortez concluded.

There is going to be a march in Merida on Sunday, November 13th too. Millions of Mexicans are concerned about the possible disappearance of the INE.

Demonstrations will take place in 12 Mexican cities

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