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Oaxacan indigenous rapper triumphs in the soundtrack of ‘Wakanda Forever’

by Yucatan Times
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Mare Advertencia Lirika, an activist from a Zapotec village in Oaxaca, performs the song “Árboles bajo el mar”, which is part of the soundtrack of this film.

(Excelsior).- The song ” Árboles Bajo el Mar“, written and performed by Mexican Mare Advertencia Lirika, an indigenous rapper from the Zapotec people of Oaxaca, and activist and singer Vivir Quintana, is part of the soundtrack of “Wakanda Forever”, the new Marvel movie.

In an interview with EFE in the city of Oaxaca, in southern Mexico, Mare said that the news came as a surprise because they recorded the song a few months ago and did not know more, but having been selected speaks of the dedication to creating good music that is gaining spaces internationally.

“Árboles bajo el mar” (trees beneath the sea) speaks of the defense of the territory, whose struggle the native peoples have made their own, with whom she shares her status as an independent artist who is gaining spaces of what had already been lost.

Mare, 35 years old, has been rapping, performing and staging for 19 years with her hands, which do not stop moving to speak loud and clear about gender equality, rights of indigenous peoples, youth rights and current politics.

For this reason, she considers it transcendent that her lyrics reach the Marvel universe.

Of course there is this idea of forced inclusion or what should or should not be accepted, but at the end of the day women are doing it from the music with professionalism, with work that is verifiable, no one can deny that it is our place,” she says.

“¡Qué mujer!”, “Siempre viva” and “Experimental” are some of the compositions that have positioned her as a referent of the feminist movement.

Her artistic name carries the most serious warning.

Warning Lirika does not refer to this social construction of femininity related to submission, related to the weak, to vulnerability, but they are words that take you to another place and specifically the word warning is that,” she explains.

When you hear that word, it is not that you are not going to pay attention to it, but on the contrary, you have to listen, pay attention (to) what is happening,” she said.

Advertencia Lirika dedicates this work to those she calls “her herd”, who have inspired and supported her in the musical world of rap.

In “Árboles bajo el mar”, Mare shares the song with Vivir Quintana, author of “Canción sin Miedo”, which has become the anthem of feminism in Mexico for talking about femicides and disappearances of women.

The “Wakanda Forever” movie, starring Mexican Tenoch Huerta as the new character Rey Namor, opened in theaters last week and brings a part of Oaxaca to theaters around the world.

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