Modern pirates in Progreso carry out a violent robbery on the high seas

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Alert in Progreso due to the presence of pirates who carried out a violent robbery on the high seas.

(La Verdad Noticias).- The events took place on Friday, November 11th when four men approached a group of fishermen and violently robbed them of their engines, and left them adrift on the high seas.

Fortunately, the intervention of the State Police was the key to the arrest of the pirates, originally from the state of Tabasco.

The criminals were fleeing the scene when they were arrested, and taken to the port of Progreso.

It was reported that during the robbery shots were fired with shotguns and machetes, weapons with which they allegedly threatened their victims.

Two fishermen were beaten when they tried to resist.

It is presumed that the four criminals are part of a band of thieves who committed a robbery shortly after midnight.

A total of two boats were robbed, one from the port of Chelem, where two fishermen were robbed of their motor, their cell phones and were beaten after they tried to resist.

On the other hand, the boat ‘Langosteros de Progreso’, was found near the remote terminal, where men said they could not see how many people were there because in the dark they heard gunshots, insults, and instructions to throw themselves on the floor of the boat.

Pirates threaten to kill fishermen

Faced with the threat that they would be killed if they raised their heads, they remained to lie on the boat for about 10 minutes, the time it took the criminals to remove the 75-horsepower engine.

It is worth mentioning that thanks to a bottle with fuel, they made a torch that they began to move to attract the attention of a boat, but they could not be seen.

Fortunately, they were found and reported the incident to the authorities, which led to the capture of the pirates, who were taken to Merida to be handed over to the authorities.

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