Michelada or chelada? Find the differences

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Every time the waiter arrives you don’t know whether to order a chelada or a michelada? Don’t worry, it has happened to all of us! That’s why today in The Yucatan Times we bring you an article so you can find the differences and order your favorite drink!

The Chelada

You just add lime and salt to your beer, yes, it’s that easy!

You need the juice of one or two lemons and salt (optional: chili powder). Add lime juice to the rim of your glass and frost with salt (and chili). Mix the remaining juice with your beer and, if desired, add ice cubes.


The michelada has a variety of sauces, from English and chamoy to spicy ones, you can even add tomato juice and make different michelada recipes!

Here is a delicious mango michelada recipe!

You need your favorite diced mango, ½ cup of mango juice and the juice of 2 lemons, liquid chamoy, chili powder and salt. Frost the glass with lime, salt and chili powder. Drain chamoy on the sides of the glass. Add the mango chunks and mix with both juices. Serve the beer.

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