Merida councilwoman insists on animal registration at CEMCA

photography of three dogs looking up
Photo by Nancy Guth on

Authorities are asking for a strategy to control the animals that enter the Centro Municipal de Control Animal (CEMCA), in order to find lost dogs and other animals more easily.

María Fernanda Vivas Sierra, councilor of the Mérida City Council, said that to date no work has been done on the strategy, which consists of a program focused on the operators of the units that capture reported animals.

The intention, she explained, is for them to be able to take photographs of the animals and to register each of the captures because, at the end of the day, the first place the owners will visit to look for their lost pet should be the kennel.

“It is that a record be made of the animals that enter because, if we see well, society is having a very serious problem, not only of stray dogs, but with all types of animals that, day by day, are lost,” he said.

It was remarked that the animals are collected through reports, which makes it easier to find those that could get lost in any of the city’s neighborhoods.

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