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Mayor Renan Barrera recognizes the role of the municipal police and park rangers in Merida

by Yucatan Times
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This year, the Municipal Police Department and the Park Ranger Program have contributed to increase the security indexes in our Municipality, which makes our city one of the safest in the country, attracting more investments, more opportunities for economic development and where families enjoy public spaces, assured Mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

During his visit to the municipal corporation after the parade commemorating the Mexican Revolution, the Mayor stated that, according to the agencies in charge of measuring security indexes, there is a 70.9 percent perception of security in Mérida.

He also pointed out that 65 percent of those surveyed considered the performance of the Municipal Police to be effective, while 62.2 percent highlighted the municipal corporation as an authority that inspires trust, which surpasses the national average of 47.5 percent.

“The work you do is important for the city to develop economically, socially, culturally and as a tourist destination, because the security indexes are an indispensable value for the decision to invest, visit or live in Merida,” he said.

Likewise, during the visit to the Municipal Police facilities, he recognized and congratulated the 170 members of the contingents of the corporation and the park rangers for the demonstration of training, bravery and professionalism in the parade on the occasion of the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.

“I want to congratulate them and thank them for today’s demonstration in the parade, where they reaffirmed before the families of Merida, the commitment of this police force and the park rangers to serve and protect the citizens of this municipality,” he said.

Also, during a visit to the offices of the Municipal Police, the Mayor greeted each of the elements that participated in the parade and thanked the Park Rangers who participate every year, along with the Municipal Police in this commemorative event of November 20th, because their work makes Meridanos proud.

Mario Arturo Romero Escalante, Director of the Merida Municipal Police, pointed out that although the contingent under his command was not the largest in the parade, it was one of the most applauded for the demonstrations given by its members.

“Truly, my most sincere congratulations, because thanks to their commitment and effort, everything went very well,” he said.

170 elements participated in the parade, of which 110 corresponded to the Municipal Police and the remaining 60 to the Park Rangers.

During their participation, the elements of the Municipal Police’s traffic operations area performed human pyramids such as the Ichcanziho, the Quétzal, the Calcehtok and the compass, which generated applause from the families who had gathered early in the morning to enjoy the parade.

The Tactical Reaction Group of the police corporation also surprised children and adults with a demonstration of the rescue of kidnapped people inside a property.

In addition, the Canine Unit of the Municipal Police with two of its canine agents performed a demonstration of the arrest of a vehicle carrying drugs. In the operation, one of the trained dogs jumped directly to the driver’s window to stop the alleged offender and the other dog indicated to the officers where the drug packages were located.

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