Mayor Renan Barrera recognizes the Lebanese community’s contribution to the city of Merida

During the presentation of the “Cedros 2022 Awards” which recognize the life and career of men and women of Mérida’s Lebanese community who have stood out for their contribution to society, the Mayor, Renán Barrera Concha, emphasized that Mérida is a city with historical memory that has known how to value the contributions of those who have put down roots in this land and who have helped build a community based on respect for traditions and customs, to live together in harmony and in a framework of social peace.

“On behalf of the city of Merida we join in the celebrations of those who today receive warmth and recognition for their life examples that consolidate the human values of our Lebanese brothers,” he said.

He also congratulated all the award winners because their actions reflect the future of Yucatan and Merida, where society continues to be called to be more participatory, sensitive and supportive, putting the common good and generosity as the main characteristics of Yucatecan values.

“Each one of those celebrated has earned the recognition of society in general and of the Yucatecan community of Lebanese descent,” he reiterated.

At the event held in celebration of the 79th anniversary of the Independence of Lebanon, Ricardo Elias Dajer Lixa, president of the Lebanese Club of Merida announced that the winners of the 2022 awards were: William Abraham Daguer, who posthumously won the “Lebanese Legacy” award; Josephine Baroudi Estefano, who won the “Lebanese Pride Medal”; designer David Salomón Rosado, winner of the “Cedros for artistic and business merit” award; and Jorge Alberto Moisés Elías, who also won the “Cedros for business merit” recognition.

During his speech, Dajer Lixa emphasized that the award winners not only stood out for carrying the name of their Lebanese roots, but also for their business and human contributions.

In this regard, David Salomon Rosado thanked the organizers of the event for the award given, because it is an award that means a lot to him, as it comes from family, friends and acquaintances with whom he has lived throughout his life.

For his part, the Ambassador of Lebanon in Mexico, His Excellency Sami Nmeir, congratulated the award winners and recognized the Lebanese community in Merida for promoting their roots from generation to generation and for their contribution to the city and the state.

Also present at the event held at the Lebanese Club, on behalf of the State Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, were the Secretary of Public Education of Yucatan, Liborio Vidal Aguilar; Secretary of Culture and the Arts; Loreto Villanueva Trujillo; the Deputy President of the Board of Government and Political Coordination of the State Congress, Víctor Hugo Lopez Lopez, President of the Board of Government and Political Coordination of the State Congress, Víctor Hugo Lopez Lopez. State Congress, Víctor Hugo Lozano Poveda; the Honorary Consul of Lebanon in Mérida, Ricardo Elías Dajer Nahum; and H.E. Monsignor Gustavo Rodríguez Vega, Archbishop of Yucatán.

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