López Obrador declared that the “4T” will have a long life

Amlo, courtesy from Energía Hoy

On Wednesday, November 23, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, assured that the 4T (as he calls his regime) will have a long life due to the support of the people since they are happy with their government.

4T stands for “Fourth Transformation”. The president holds the theory that the first transformation of Mexico was the Mexican Independence; according to AMLO, the second transformation came with the so-called “Reforma” (Spanish: “Reform”) liberal political and social revolution in Mexico between 1854 and 1876 under the principal leadership of Benito Juárez; then, Lopez Obrador claims that the third transformation took place at the time of the Mexican Revolution, at the beginning of the 20th Century. And so he states that his administration marks the “Fourth Transformation” of Mexico.

“If the people are visibly happy about the transformation and as long as the people are happy, there is a possibility of continuing the transformation process,” Lopez Obrador said during his daily morning press conference.

“Do you think that the people are going to vote for parties that do not want the elderly to be given a pension?” he questioned and added that former President Vicente Fox wanted to put the elderly to work, “as if they had not worked their whole lives, that is the Fox’s mentality,” AMLO concluded.

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