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“Kahlay, the ages of dust” a poetry book by Indalecio Cardeña

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“Kahlay, the ages of dust”, is a poetry book by Indalecio Cardeña

Last Friday the 25th, the collection of poems “Kahlay, the ages of dust” by Indalecio Cardeña Vázquez was presented at Nabil restaurant, right on Paseo de Montejo. The book starts with a prologue written by the poet, Dr. Luis Alcocer Martínez. And then, comments were in charge of Yucatecan writers Roger Metri Duarte and José Juan Cervera Fernández. The moderator of the event, also a writer, was José Urioste Palomeque.

This is the twelfth title of poetry by Indalecio Cardeña Vázquez. The book is a question, a personal search of the author, who gives importance to the historical and cultural context of the region where he lives, Yucatan. In this search, love, and women, are a way to find the answers, and Indalecio literally plays with the idea of ​​seeing the city metaphorically as a woman.

Cardeña explains the title of the book: “Kahlay is Mayan and means chronicle, song, and the ages of dust, it refers to me, to the time lived being dust as I am, therefore, the ages of dust is about my time. ”

“An interpretation of the title would be: a personal chronicle, a chronicle of one part, of some aspects of my life,” adds Indalecio,

Lastly, Indalecio points out that “Kahlay, las Edades del Polvo, is a text, a writing, which aspires for others at some point, in some of their moments, to be able to identify themselves in the collection of poems, it is a way of also saying: Look, I am like everyone, I am us.”

In the presentation, José Juan Cervera indicated that it is worth placing this book as part of the poetic corpus of the author, who for years has explored the lyrical sense of the word.

Kahlay, The Dust Ages, is a well-structured and coherent set of diverse elements: historical, and cosmological. It is a poetic sum, a complete vision of the world”, added Cervera Fernández.

Meanwhile, Maestro Roger Metri Duarte related Indalecio’s book with characters and works of classical Greco-Roman antiquity such as Aeneas and The Odyssey, but highlighting the time and historical and cultural environment of Cardeña. Kahlay is a work that goes from the age of stone to the edge of the galaxy at the speed of light, expressed Maestro Metri Duarte.

For his part, Luis Alcocer Martínez said in the Prologue that “this poem by Indalecio Cardeña shows careful work where emotion overflows without any brake, hence the richness and variety of the images, Indalecio works with the tools of creationist tradition the eternal themes of literature: love, nostalgia, the common past.

Photos by Cristian Cardeña and Mar Gómez

“It is a poem very rich in images, like a dream that inevitably transports us to the personal history of each one of the readers” concludes Alcocer Martínez.

Kahlay, The Dust Ages, is available on Amazon, in a Kindle version. There is also a physical, handmade edition, available from the author, telephone 99 92 45 16 13.

(Photos by Cristian Cardeña and Mar Gómez)

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